Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

Goldilocks and her Monsters

There are monsters in your closet.
It’s true.
They’re your closest friends, and you are not afraid of them.

I love that about you.

Today you invested all of your body and mind,
for most of the afternoon,
in overcoming your fears.

I was awed.

And you won: the fear is yours now.
You own it.
It does not own you any longer.

Each day you learn more about yourself,
And more about us –
These strange creatures, looking in.
We gawk, like visitors to the zoo,
at the amazing creature behind the bars.

But who is really caged?

The exquisite, tow-headed bird, mastering the power of flight?

Or we small-minded pedants,
with our limited vision of the universe,
trying so hard to measure you – to understand you –
with our utterly inadequate tools.

I love the rages.
I love the calm.
I love the monsters who cause you no fear.
I love the fears which come without monsters.
I love watching you navigate these roiling waters.
I love seeing all the treasure you discover in these deeps.

I love you.
All of you.
Darling you.


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