Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

A little while ago you may have seen me ranting away about how impossible it is to be joyful while trying to eke out a living on a shoestring budget.


I’ve mentioned before about how I’ll start a blog with good intentions, then descend slowly into a narcissistic spiral of self-pity and misery, and eventually shut it all down.

It’s a little bit juvenile. *Blush*

I realised I need a brain reset.

Proverbs 23:7 – “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he”

As long as I keep thinking of myself as an impoverished, helpless victim of my circumstances, that’s precisely what I’ll be. My Father is the owner and creator of all things, and abundantly wealthy. He promises to meet my needs.

Essentially, this means I have what I need, since He is faithful. I just either haven’t realised it, or I have squandered it. Knowing that I have what I need makes me more mindful, more aware. Living a life of abundance in the peace of this certainty makes me more productive and fruitful.

Here are some interesting thoughts on the subject, that are really helping to focus my personal growth:



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