Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

I am abundantly wealthy.

This is part one of my daily mantra. The idea is to manifest wealth by daily affirming that I already have it. Or something like that. Don’t get me wrong: I’m committed to making the most of this little shoestring, but I wouldn’t mind if it were just a little longer. And encompassed a few more shoes. Like Converse All Stars. In a range of colours …

But I digress. I am focusing on being positive and affirming the truth I want for my life. And it actually looks like it’s starting to work! #FingersCrossed.

The second part of the mantra goes like this:

I have everything that I need.

This is truly true already. The problem is that I forget it and I get caught up in the stress and panic of lack, rather than the creative thinking that allows me to identify and implement a solution.

So, apparently, at the moment, what I need is a hairdresser. I say this because I suddenly seem to have a whole lot of them in my life. It’s weird, really.

Abundant hair

Abundant living starts with abundant hair … apparently

The thing is, when it comes to hair … I’m kind of a DIY girl. I have wild(ish) curly hair that I style by just letting it loose (with the aid of some really yummy curling cream). And my fringe (aka bangs) is just an annoying flap of hair I drag to the side (or clip up) to “soften my features”. (In other words, I look like some weird butch hippy without it.)

So even though it drives me to distaction and makes me tilt my head to the side all the time, I keep it for appearances’ sake. Can you believe it? #SellOut

I guess it’s all a case of “be careful what you wish for”!


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