Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

First of all, this video helped me today: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CtKHnBFO7LY

Someone spoke to me recently about the fact that she is a hermit, largely because she worries what people think about her when she goes out.

The truth is, I think everyone has those problems. I worry that people think my twitching is weird, or my homeschooling is kooky, or my thighs are so gigantic people will judge me as too lazy to exercise. (I know they’re not, Aunty Em, before you moan at me;))

What has helped me is to realise that everyone has a thing they worry about when they go out, and that they’re so focused on what people think about them that they don’t even notice us.

I’m sure when you’re out, you’re not judging anyone else because you’re so busy worrying that they’re judging you.

The same is true for everyone.

And when we start revelling in what are that is good, focusing on our strengths (and I’m pretty darn sure you’re amazingly strong – an inspiration!) it’s so easy to enjoy other people and their strengths, and just have a grand old time being human in this crazy world of ours.

Anyway, that’s long and flowery but the short of it is that I think each of us is brave and amazing. Your kids are awesome, and that’s a testament to you. Many of us can learn from you.

So I hope the rest of the week is better, and that you enjoy it utterly.


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