Fixing broken angel wings

Angel Wings

My precious child,
let me cradle your curly golden head
on my lap,
and soothe your fears.
Let me stroke your angel back
and kiss away your tears.
Where have your wings gone,
my precious one?
Who has taken them away,
and why are you so sad.

I know.
I see it.
I sense it.
I feel it.

Who has done it, my darling?
Who has broken you?

Let me comfort you, my angel.
Let me understand.

My heart is a heavy stone in my chest.
The poor fibres that support it
It falls inexorably
to the depths of my bowels.
I cannot pull it up.

For you, I will forgive.
I will teach you the power of that word.
For you, I will show mercy.
I will show you your strength
in the gentle silence you have chosen.

For you, I will hide
the burning hatred,
red and utter,
that consumes the empty remains
of my chest,
burning from the depths
of my stone cold heart,
hidden somewhere
in my bitter gut.

I am consumed.

Daily I release it to
the only One who can release me.
I take it back.

For you, I will burn this fire.
For you, I will wish his end.
Perhaps it’s wrong to do so –
(surely it is) –
But your daily dying
Makes me wish for his.

My darling angel,
golden light of my heart,
let’s you and me put together
what evil has torn apart.

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