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Morning Fairies

Little feet have grown,
but not their pitter patter.
Wombling down the passage
they bring me dreamy chatter.

Watching as I work –
trying to catch the early hours –
I hear the tales of dreams
and ponder their mystical powers.

Sleepy golden heads,
warm and pulsing hands,
faintly glow with echoes
of somnial magical lands.

The sun outside my window
melts the night away.
Day pokes fingers in
and wipes the sleep away.

The magical enchantment
seeps back into their skin,
and the glow simmers into hiding
somewhere deep within.

But I can see it hiding.
I know where it lies.
Auriferous, enchanting,
It simmers in profound eyes.


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  1. […] long before the house wakes up. Golden, glowing, fuzzy-around-the-edges from recent dreamy slumber, little nymphs wander into my space and fill it with shiny auriferous light (isn’t that a wonderful word?). […]

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