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Your Tiny Perfectness

Sweet angel boy
Joy of our hearts
Our Father took you home
too soon.

Your tiny perfectness
Arrived complete,
bundled with it’s own unique
variety of love.

Infinite and boundless,
we could never anticipate
the joy of your arrival,
the pain of your departure.

Your journey here on earth so short …

We cannot blame Him for wanting you Home …
Who could resist your sweet face?
Your enchanting fragrance?
Each little toe and finger and dimple and curl?
Your tiny perfectness.

Knowing you are Home,
and safe,
and happy
does little for our grief.

We miss you, darling son.

The album of our hearts
is full of empty pages.
The space we kept aside
for your first smile
first word
first step
riding bicycles
and cars
and learning incredible things.
Instead, so soon, you got your wings.

We miss you, precious angel.

But knowing we will see you
(not too long from now)
and share your joy
and peace
and precious laughter –
that gives us peace
and hope
and faith
and strength for the journey we travel
without you.


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