loveWe need to love ourselves. Once we understand some basic principles, we have the tools we need to love others.
We are loveable. Every human is loveable. So loveable, in fact, that God thinks we’re to die for.

Just think about that for a bit.

It’s not about being good or kind or fair or generous or helpful or forgiving or any of these things … it starts with LOVE. He LOVED us. And He keeps on LOVING us. Forever and ever and ever amen.

We are loved.

Each person is so very loved that, even if that person was the ONLY person on earth, He would have died for them. He would have died for me – and only me – if I was the only one. He loves me THAT much. He wants to be with me. He made me to love me. He made all of us to be loved: to love Him, to be loved by Him, and to love one another. The Word says that’s how we’ll be recognised as His: by our LOVE. And yet, how often are Christians characterised by their LACK of love? We fight. We judge. We nitpick. We’re hypocrites and we hate. We don’t even love ourselves. We buy into the lie that we’re worthless and evil.

Yes, we’re sinners. In other words: we make mistakes and we think thoughts that result in pain and misery in our lives. Sin is making a mistake. It’s natural and human and INFINITELY forgiveable. How do I know? Because I’ve been forgiven by the Infinite One. He teaches me to forgive and, above all, to LOVE, by ACTIVELY SHOWING me how it’s done. If the Infinite, Perfect,
Inimitable God of the Universe can love me, who am I to hate myself?

He MADE me what I am. How dare I not LOVE it? How dare I not revel in it? How dare I not be inexpressibly grateful for every cell and breath and thought and emotion and skill and personality trait and talent and inclination ever? It’s all from Him! He made it!


But instead, we complain. We hate what we are and we resist it and we try to change it and we reject it. We don’t love ourselves. Not even a little bit. Not even at all. We just hate-hate-hate. We don’t accept the gifts we have – from the smallest toenail to the longest hair on our heads. We try to change every part, like ungrateful prigs returning heartfelt Christmas gifts.

We need to learn to LOVE ourselves – I need to learn to love myself – … in a daily, ceaseless flow of gratitude for all that we are. I can do that by meditating on the truth of Him: my Maker, my Creator, my Sustainer, my Substitute on the Cross, my Saviour.

When I fully grasp how loved I am, how loveable I am, it becomes to easy to love others. Love casts out fear. Love makes forgiveness EASY. Love sets us free. We can easily love when we are loved. Everything becomes beautiful and clean and perfect and loveable.

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