Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?


joyWe need to enjoy our lives. We need to rejoice: rejoice in every breath, which is always there when we need it, yet taken utterly for granted. We couldn’t exist for three minutes without breath, yet it never crosses our minds to utterly revel in the miraculousness of it.

Each moment is a gift. Each moment, BE in the moment. Notice things. The birds. Traffic. Dogs barking. Sun rising. Sun setting. Daylight streaming through the windows. Stars glittering though the heavens. Artificial light which literally gives us the gift of MORE TIME. Just think about that for a minute: a light switch is a GIFT, giving you more time – to work, play, share time with family and friends – BE.

We can rejoice in the good things that happen to those we love, too. True joy is absolutely absent of jealousy. There’s no comparison to be made. Ever. Each person has their own trials, and we surely wouldn’t want those. And just so, each person deserves their own happinesses, and it behooves us to delight in those with them. We can revel in their blessings in pure, untainted bliss and truly enjoy their success.

bitternessRecently author Elizabeth Gilbert shared a beautiful post on Facebook. She was quoting from the book “Women Who Run With Wolves”, and talking about the point most women reach in their middle years when they face a choice: to be bitter, or to be better. Her choice was to be better. To let the bitterness go. And her advice, so poignant and perfect and beautiful, was that we should actively, passionately, desperately seek out the joy in our lives. Every ounce of it – every moment, even the tiniest speck of bliss, should be tweezed out of our memories and collected in jars of living ecstasy, gazed on often, relished … we can immerse ourselves utterly in the happiness of living, and become so full of joy (which is both self-perpetuating and contagious) that it becomes the key defining attribute of our lives.

Surely each of us can point to a happy moment in our past? Even just the one? Find it. Hoard it. Cling to it. And share it ABUNDANTLY, because that is how to make it grow.



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