Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?


be kindThe Word tells us to be kind to one another. Clearly, we need reminding, or we wouldn’t have needed to have been told in the first place. Be kind to one another, tender-hearted, forgiving one another.

We battle to be these things to ourselves. Yet we have been forgiven. We are still alive, and we have abundant lives to live. Carrying around a whip to beat ourselves with all the time is hardly helpful on the journey to abundant life. Gentle kindness, compassion, understanding: seeing ourselves with all the grace God shows when He looks on us – these things will give us a gentler, more tender heart.

Only we can truly know the extent of that grace and that forgiveness. Only we know what we’ve done. As we realise the extent of His compassion and grace towards us, and truly live in each moment’s expansive blessing, that grace cannot help but pour out of us and into the lives of each person we meet.

We can be kind.

We may not understand. We don’t need to. We can simply KNOW. Another person’s unkindness is never the result of a happy and blissful life. There’s pain there. Just a drop of kindness from our infinite reservoirs could heal some small part of that person’s soul.

Do it. Don’t hold back. Heal.

A gentle word. A sweet smile. A sincere thank you. The cost is not nothing, but the cost is not great. And the results could well be great – especially if it catches on.

They need your kindness. You have it to give.

Give it.

Be Kind.



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