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An empathy epiphany

Today I had an epiphany.

When we see ourselves as not being worth anything, not having value or effect, we utterly fail to see how we affect others. As a result, we withdraw from their lives, and give no thought to the devastation we may leave behind. We think, at best, that we’re doing them a favour. At worst, we imagine they won’t even notice our absence.

The truth may be vastly different.

The truth is that we may do enormous damage simply be pulling away. But we don’t realise it. So we don’t operate with compassion. We don’t soften the blow – because we don’t know there’s a blow to soften. We don’t believe we matter enough to have had an effect.

be kindAnd when we’re wrong about this, the damage can be significant.

The truth is: we all matter. We all have impact. We all need compassion.

Be kind. Because you matter.


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