Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?

Your own work. Your own way

Earnster: Your own work. Your own way

I’d like to share one quick story on how the internet can help our children achieve financial independence.

Richard (not his real name) will (hopefully?) complete his Matric later this year in Gauteng (he is not a homeschooler).

His dad joined one of Peter Carruthers’ courses about 3 years ago. (Peter founded the Academy of Small Business – you may remember the link I shared on Facebook a few months ago.)

A month into the course he got too busy to give it any more attention. He asked if his 15-year-old son, Richard, could complete the course in his stead and Peter agreed.

Some months later, Dad wrote that Richard had just revamped the family BnB website (Mom was petrified) but bookings were suddenly pouring in so fast that they were filling rooms at nearby BnBs as well.

Earlier this year (when Dad signed up for Earnster.Ninja), he mentioned that Richard’s headmaster wanted help in getting Richard to focus on the coming exams. Richard wasn’t paying attention to his schoolwork anymore. You see, Richard is working on an online business that solves what he sees as a big problem most young people face. Richard has even retained online freelance help (from India, if I’m not mistaken) to help him write emails and letters because (like many of us when we were teens) he does not yet write well. The exact nature of this piece of software is not known to me, but last I heard, an overseas company wanted to buy him out. In Dollars (not the Zim kind).

No wonder he cannot focus on his Matric…

If a school-going child can do this (admittedly distractedly), I think a homeschooled child with time and vision has all it takes to make a success of an internet business. And if not, it can be written off as “part of the learning curve”.

At least, the cost of losing your business online is a fraction of a fraction of the cost of losing a “bricks and mortar” business.

And if you follow Peter’s advice, you won’t close your business anyhow, since he’s figured out how to teach you to have winning ideas and how to implement them without risk.

I spoke to Peter Carruthers earlier today and he tells me there are 5 more seats left on the current Earnster intake. He only takes 200 students at a time, to ensure he can give proper attention to all the course participants. It’s his personal touch which makes this course so different.

Here’s the link to the Earnster course: http://bit.ly/Earnster.

(Full disclosure: this link above is an affiliate link. If you sign up for the course via this link above, I will get a small commission. If you don’t want to do that, simply point your browser directly to www.Earnster.Ninja ).


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