Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?



You’d think a “fast” that includes a healthy plate of bacon and eggs very day would be a doddle.

It ain’t.

This morning, we woke up late. And we felt awful. Wracked from with pain from head to toe, and sporting killer headaches, we were not happy campers.

We ate our breakfast and even survived the ginger tea – which I normally love. But it just isn’t coffee.

We used the Elexoma CES programme, and I even used the sinus programme, to try and get the headaches in line. But after painful throbbing all morning, and completely fuzzy brains, we gave in and each had a (doctor-approved) aspirin.

It helped.

I am far from perky and bright, but I feel a whole lot cleaner. I’m holding out hope that by Sunday we’re refreshed and renewed.

We shall see.


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