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Just for today

This is my new secret weapon for productivity and effectiveness: Just for Today.

Just for today I will not eat any starch. It’s not long – one day. I can always have some tomorrow … if I want to.

Just for today, I will have only three cups of coffee. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but I think I can go without those extra cups if it’s just for today.

Just for today I will remember to sit up straight, and not cross my legs (except at the ankles). It’s just one day. I can do this.

Just for today, I won’t say a single nasty thing about anyone else. Not forever. Not even all week. But today I will be nice. I will be kind. I will be generous and compassionate.

What could we achieve if we just had to do it for today?

what would yoube able to doif you only had to do it


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