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Thoughts on Being Wrong

What does it mean to be wrong?

Essentially, at its heart, when you’re wrong about something, it means that what you know about that things doesn’t line up with the actual facts about the thing.

So when you learn the truth, you realise you were wrong, and you make the appropriate changes.

In other words, wrongness can be seen as nothing more or less than ignorance. Which is hardly “wrong” at all, is it? … If that really were wrong – a baby could be said to be wrong inasmuch as he is ignorant of the basics of how to walk, talk, or feed himself.

I hope you can see how lunatic that proposition is. The truth is that the baby is not wrong. Really, he can hardly even be said to be ignorant.

What he is, is unlearned.

The same is true of us. The mistakes we make are the result of lack of experience. And – in an amazing twist of balance – those same mistakes are often also the very experience we need to make us wise. And that wisdom shows us the best way – the “right” way.

And then we cease being wrong, naive, uneducated. We become right. Until we learn the next thing.

Everything is learning.

right and wrong


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