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Manifesting … Making Things Happen

What I needed, I realised as I watched the 25th video on how French ladies care for their skin, was a proper skin care routine. The old bar-of-hand-soap-followed-by-a-slather-of-aqueous-cream just wasn’t going to cut it anymore if I wanted my skin to stand the test of time.

The next evening we played our favourite White Elephant gift exchange game and I got … wait for it … body care products. Later, these were enhanced by a pack of skin care products in my favourite range: African Extracts Rooibos. Cleanser. Tone. Moisturise. Sorted.

It occurred to me that, just two days before, I had been gifted a little pack of emery boards I’d wanted but just hadn’t thought I needed.


Walking through my house the following morning, I thought how lovely it would be to have furniture without holes, and a fridge that could fit our groceries in it each month. Maybe a microwave that worked … It was a happy contemplation, as I start to imagine that I might deserve to have nice things once in a while. Or at least be allowed to …

A few hours later my uncle called to ask if I wanted … wait for it, a fridge, lounge suite, and microwave. There’s even a desk available, which is just what Red Riding Hood needs.

I couldn’t believe it … but I should.

As I get onto the path I should be following; as I get intentional about my life and my goals; the abundance of creation flows into my life. Not without struggle sometimes. Not without pain. But always with joy. And (usually) with peace.

I am grateful.



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