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Where Angels Fear To Tread

The secret to freedom is courageBlazing a brand new trail is scary stuff. What makes it so terrifying, is that there’s no map. The guidebooks all say “Turn Back!” Friends and guides with good intentions try to counsel you back to the path they know so well … the road everyone before you has walked.

What if I don’t like that road?

What is that path is not for me?

What if “normal”, “accepted”, “traditional”, “conventional” – all those words – what if they fill me with a deep and drilling boredom so pervasive and alive and real that the very thought of “staying the course” invokes a horror I don’t think I can face?

The truth is that The Path so carefully beaten out by all my ancestors is not the path for me. The way I need to go involves a machete and some pretty tenacious undergrowth. There may be lions. And tigers. And bears.

Oh my!

And yet, it’s the way I need to go. It calls me on.

It makes me tired. I feel that I am hacking this crazy route out all by myself. I don’t know why. I don’t know where it’s headed. I don’t know if I will survive the journey. I don’t even know what the journey is.

I just know that I must go. I must hack and slash and slice and climb and tumble and be scratched and torn by all the obstacles my predecessors cleared from the conventional path.

Hopefully, this trail leads somewhere. Hopefully, the path I am carving has meaning and purpose. Hopefully, in the end, it all makes sense and I am fulfilled and contented and at peace.

Here’s hoping.


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