Home business, home education and health challenges: what makes us tic?


“We don’t see things the way they are. We see them the way we are.”

– Anaïs Nin

I see only my side of the story.

Sometimes, I do not like it.

I cannot change it … unless I change myself.

That takes time.
And effort.
And feedback.

It requires a conversation.

It requires the courage to speak up, to question – even at the risk of not being heard. Even at the risk of being shot down, berated, belittled, hated.

It requires tenacity: the persistence to keep at it until the other’s view becomes clear … to dig deep for empathy, for understanding.

It doesn’t mean agreeing with that view. It may not mean accepting that view.

It is simply acknowledging that the other’s view IS their view. It is truth to them.
They see things the way they are.



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