About Joy on a Shoestring

These four walls play home to a strange mix. Papa Bear’s ADD has blessed us with a mad scientist who can fix a PC at fifty yards with nary a stare and raised eyebrow, yet paralyses him in the face of a dirty dish or blown lightbulb.

Goldilocks shares this eccentricity, along with a strong sense  of justice. (In this case strong is to her sense of justice what stampeding rhinos are to the once lush plains of the Serengeti. Or some equally evocative metaphor that makes you imagine a shining young person who will not yield on moral issues and makes her mother exhausted by grinding on and on over the same themes). Asperger’s Syndrome heightens her sensory experience of the world while blurring the edges, and Tourette’s tics are the soundtrack to her existence (and ours. Not to mention functioning as a fantastically reliable homing device). The wild golden curls round out the look perfectly.

Red Riding Hood is a wanna-be gothic enigma. Radiant in pastels, the ultimate hippy flower child, she craves flowing black dresses and darkness. She hates to be touched (except when she loves it – her own special variation on the Aspie theme) and reminds me most of a cat. A specific cat, in fact, who used to share our space. Although she has a lot more dignity than he could ever muster.  A sci-fi nut, her greatest goal in life is to own a florist. I know. Despite all her come-to-the-dark-side-we-have-cookies aspirations, she has long strands of pulled taffy tumbling down her back, and a single smile can light up the world.

coffee on my to do listAs for me, Mama Bear, I balance OCD and ADD with home education, running a small business, bread winning and blogging. I fancy myself an artist, though I haven’t held a paintbrush since we had to paint over the kids’ “embellishments” to the last house we rented. I write for a living and blog to relieve tension. I watch a lot of TED and read business and personal development books almost exclusively. (Yes, I know). I drink more coffee than is probably advisable (just a pot or two … every hour ;)) and I’m something of an insomniac.

The idea behind this particular corner of the net is to make it easy for other OCD ADD caffeine-addicted insomniac home-educating work-from-home breadwinning wives of mad professors to make their crazy supermom ambitions come true by describing how I’m doing it. So as soon as I figure it out, I’ll do just that 😉

(All advice is welcome!)

Flattr me: buy me a coffee (you know I need it ;))
Flattr me: buy me a coffee (you know I need it ;))

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2 thoughts on “About Joy on a Shoestring

  1. Just wanted to let you know I appreciate your writing and honesty. I’m a writer, too, and have a son with autism. I can read between the lines of many of your posts, and I am praying for you today!!

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