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Christmas Schmistmas

I am a big old Bah-Humbuggy Scrooge when it comes to Christmas. I see it as a pagan holiday, a time to spend too much money, eat too much rich, sweet food, and feel guilty about – oh, everything.

This year, because I am feeling so great, I think it will be better. My mood is 100% improved and my willpower is phenomenal. So even though we will be having our traditional, delicious Christmess Pudding, I will abstain. It’s just three days of parties, and then another party. I can easily stick to healthy food for that long, and it will be SO worth it!

I have 1kg to go to reach my Level 1 Goal Weight, 58kg. I WILL achieve it!


How I’m doing it.

I must admit that I’m not following the Candida Diet to the letter. I was, but I felt so terrible that I knew changes were necessary. For starters, I switched on day 3 from the broth version of the diet to the green salad and veggies version. Much better. I also allow myself brown rice to help slow down the Candida die off and manage blood sugar.

GNLD. Supplements for LIFE.

GNLD. Supplements for LIFE.

Instead of whole garlic, I’m taking GNLD’s Garlic Allium Complex. Instead of psyllium husk and bentonite clay, I’m taking GNLD’s GR2 Programme Appetite Reducer, a very gentle yet effective fibre source, and I use Stage 6 to help with elminiation. This is great for getting and staying regular, and taking the “gunk” out of your system. I use GNLD’s Carotenoid Complex (great for immunity), Tre En En (AWESOME for energy) and Omega 3. I’ve been taking a lot of high potency Vitamin C, as well, which also boosts immunity and helps with skin conditions. I’m taking Vitamin B for stress, and it’s the one Vitamin B people on a Candida diet can take safely. Last but very far from least, I’m having a lot of Acidophilus Plus. Awesome for gut health.

For food, I’ve pretty much been sticking to spinach, courgettes, celery and sunflower seeds.

Every morning I do Pilates with my girls, which is doing wonders for my back, joints, and flat abs. This week I started Body for Life as well. I feel a little bit of new-workout-routine tenderness, but nothing seriousness.

This week I have also reintroduced coffee, which is ill-advised (apparently), but very very nice.

It’s been four weeks, and I feel great. I’ve gone from 68kg to 62kg, and my stomach is really flat now. I have energy, my joints are less painful (significantly less).  Christmas is looming and I hope I can stay strong, but I think it should be okay.


In 2005 I was preparing for my second maternity leave. The company I worked for hired a temp to replace me while I was away, and my job was to train her. A talented and likable lady, she soon found her niche with us. She was on a very strict diet when she started, and explained it was  because of her Candida problem. I learned that Candida has many symptoms besides the obvious, embarrassing ones. Symptoms such as:

  • exhaustion;
  • joint pain;
  • bad breath;
  • body odor;
  • skin problems;
  • foggy brain;
  • depression and more.

I was curious, but, heavily pregnant, I didn’t pursue it at that stage.

Now, 6 years later, with the same symptoms, I thought I’d give it a try. Everything I’ve ever found online about Candida diets has been conflicting. Finally, this month, I found this site: http://www.thecandidadiet.com/. I’ve just started on stage 1, and for these first few days I’ve had a headache, but I already have more energy and a flatter stomach.

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