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Updates: Week 1

Sugar: the sweetest poison of all.

Sugar: the sweetest poison of all.

This week has been so busy that I’ve hardly given my eating plan any thought. I’ve stayed far away from sugar (until today), and avoided all carbs. I’ve dropped another half kilogram, and have much less bloating. I also have more energy and clearer skin, despite averaging less than five hours’ sleep a night since Monday. So far, so good.

My dear husband has been sort-of joining me on this journey, and has dropped a significant amount of weight already. His waist circumference has dropped and he has been more focused on his work, which is good. He’s also been under a lot of pressure this week, and that hasn’t helped his health much. Overall, though, I think this healthy eating programme is good for him, and will bear fruit in the long term.

Yesterday I read a really fascinating, horrifying article about the dangers of sugar. Some of the possible effects include:

  • Diabetes (of course);
  • Obesity (duh);
  • Tooth decay;
  • Certain types of cancer; and even
  • Mental problems:
    • Depression;
    • Anxiety;
    • Schizophrenia;
    • Addiction.

Read the full article here, and let me know your thoughts.


Back on track.

Apparently it takes hitting the bottom to get back up again. My skin is bad, with a couple of unsightly cysts and outbreaks. I’m unreasonably tired, my hair is dry and falling out, and I smell … hmmm … unattractive. I have little motivation to work or do house work, or even home school – all essential aspects of our lives. Seriously vital: without me doing these things our little family ceases to function. It’s better than it was at the beginning of the year, when I couldn’t motivate myself at all. I have started supplementing again, and cut back a little on sugars.

Since the begining of the year, I’ve eaten chocolate (lots!), and had red wine (just a few small glasses). I’ve eaten starches and not exercised since Christmas, when I pretty mush reset all the good work I’d done until then.

Miraculously, I weigh only 59kg, which I attribute entirely to the wonderful GR2 weight management programme.

In fact, despite a lack of motivation, I have been working – very hard. With an average of 5 hours’ sleep each night, I know that without the great supplementation I get from GNLD, I would be very sick indeed. Right now, I’m taking Beta Guard (good for detoxing), Acidophilus, Salmon Oil Plus Omega 3, Tre En En, Carotenoid Complex, Stage 6 (assists with elimination, if you follow my meaning), and Vitamin C. Considering the amount of work, lack of sleep and very hot February weather, I have more energy than one would expect, and I’m very grateful to Tre En En for that.

Peanut Butter. In chocolate. Evil. Delicious.

Peanut Butter. In chocolate. Evil. Delicious.

So today is Day 1. I’ve tried to start again a few times this year, but the headaches have held me back from completing the programme. I started with vitamins, and about an hour later I had a small bowl of sunflower seeds. Two hours after that was a light snack of popped brown rice (sort of like organic Rice Crispies but lower GI).

Lunch was a small portion of ground beef with onions and garlic, two rice cakes and a green salad. More green salad for dinner.

Sadly, I’ve had both a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup AND a cup of (utterly delicious) coffee. So here’s my plan: tonight DH and I can finish the brewed coffee and all the chocolate and halva in the house. Tomorrow we’ll start for real, and this time stick to it.

Thumbs held!

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