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New day, new week … new distractions

Happy Easter, everyone! This year, more than ever before, I was filled with the joy of the Lord and the anticipation and excitement of being in His house, with His people, on the day when we remember and honour His greatest sacrifice, and greatest victory! We had a fantastic weekend. Starting with a Good Friday picnic and hike at Cumberland Nature Reserve, we spent Saturday relaxing (mostly), and then spent Sunday at Church, where we followed a great service with a delicious (and baptistically over-catered tea).

From there we headed to Granny’s House, where the Easter Bunny had outdone himself (well, herself), with this year’s map and treasures. The afternoon was spent relaxing together, and on Monday we had brunch with friends. It was a wonderful weekend, all in all. I didn’t do one stitch of actual work, including any kind of education for my girls.

Unfortunately, I did have a lot to do.

Last night I made a very reasonable and achievable weekly planner, which includes enough sleep (!). I was excited about it this morning and frustrated to have overslept by an hour and a half! (Stupid Chuck keeping me up all night :)). That meant that I started work a little late (only an hour; I’d managed to catch up). However, I’ve recently started an “educate myself into ministry” programme which basically involves reading 100 appropriate books on the subject until I am officially ready to serve. This has proven to be fascinating and very gripping, so a lot of other stuff has fallen by the wayside. It’s good, though. Today I started book 2, and almost immediately the theology sounded suspect. I don’t have time to waste on irrelevant stuff I won’t use (and I’m easily led so I could be led astray), so I decided to research the author. That led to research of the other authors and in the end I spent nearly three hours online, NOT earning any money (or meeting any deadlines, I might add).

In the end I have to turf out about 10 books but I got another 30-odd books for free – and they’re goooood. So that worked out okay. But now I have two hours of work time left, the planned art lesson is on the shelf, and all I want to do is bake stuff. Not the vaguest inclination to code a single line or create the faintest vector. *Sigh* – the trouble with days that start out well is that they continue that way … and it’s not always a good thing.


On baking.

Gingerbread Men bearing pretty much no resemblance to the ones we made today.

Gorgeous Gingerbread Men bearing pretty much no resemblance to the ones we made today.

I am not a domestic goddess. This is not self-effacing or false modesty. There are many, many things I am good at and that I love to do. Culinary creations don’t feature on that list. (Much like sewing, although that’s a story all by itself).

In my mind, I have an image of the ideal home educating mom: spending all day making clay creatures and painting masterpieces and baking perfections and sewing pretty dolls and practical dresses that will double for Sunday Best. I don’t know why I imagine this, but I really do, and no amount of self-talk will change my perspective. (I imagine. I haven’t actually tried to talk myself out of this delusion yet).

As it happens, there is a fair amount of baking in our particular brand of home education, though this could be the result of the paradigm described above. We’ve baked cakes and cookies and … well, cakes and cookies. Lots of them. We use baking as a three-in-one whammy: home economics, maths (measuring, adding/subtracting, fractions, weighing etc), and language (reading). Plus it’s fun! And really, that’s what it’s all about for me.

So today we baked once again. We’re studying trust and deception, so DD#1 read the story of the Gingerbread Man and the Fox (between cracking eggs and measuring flour and weighing sugar), while DD#2 read the ingredients and recipe steps, also helping with process of measuring and weighing and stirring. We all cleaned up and then I cut out and baked dozens of Gingerbread Men while the DDs watched the story of the Prodigal Son (deceived by people he trusted, not trusting his father – see how it all ties together?).

While I was turning the cookies out to cool I realised why it is that I am so bad at baking. (I really am, it’s totally not modest). There are a number of reasons, and here are some:

  • I have useless recipe books with inaccurate proportions and half-baked (hur hur) methods.
  • I don’t measure properly.
  • I don’t mix properly.
  • I never roll the dough out thinly enough or evenly enough.
  • I don’t bake anything for long enough or at the right temperature.
  • I spend more time worrying about tidying up and washing dishes than I do about the recipe.
  • I don’t really care enough about the end result. As long as what comes out the other end if palatable and looks okay, I feel like it’s an accomplishment.

So now I know why I’m not a good baker, but I doubt I’ll change anything. We have a lot of fun, we always have a clean kitchen afterwards, and there are never any left overs. Perhaps my baking adventures aren’t that bad, after all …

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