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Some days

Some days are bright rays of sunshine.

Some days are full of joy and sparkles.

Some days include movies – in the cinema – and bacon nachos and chocolate cupcakes and sleep overs with BFFs.

Some days, baby girls turn NINE YEARS OLD and wrap the universe around their little diva fingers and spread happiness with every batted eyelash.

Some days spill over into others like too much honey and infect whole weekends with their sweet, warm, indolent light.

Some days are less so.

Some days, brilliant minds are overwhelmed by too much of everything.

Too many ideas.

Too many options.

Too much to do.

Too much lack.

Those days are hard.

It seems like the brief melt down, substantial as ash (and as black) has swallowed up the mellifluous days of celebration that went before and left only cold emptiness in its wake.

Some days, we are so blessed. We have so much.

Some days, it is too much.



Another one of those weeks.

The girls and I making our very first snow man!

The girls and I making our very first snow man!

This has been a rough fortnight and I am exhausted.

The Highs

The highs of the past two weeks include a trip to see The Snow – the first time the girls and I have ever seen it! It was awesome and amazing and a wonderful highlight of the whole year. We made a snow man, had snow ball fights, stood in a snow fall, made snow angels, and had hot curry in front of a roaring fire. I didn’t even veer off SCD! The girls did, with immediate consequence (pain, bloating, headaches and moodiness). Poor babies. But we saw the results and realised that we’re on the right track here.

After that we visited a friend whose son has Tourette Syndrome. She gave us a tower of books that we have been motoring through, and we’ve learned a lot about our family. What we’ve learned includes confirmation that Goldilocks and I have relatively mild cases of Tourette’s, although hers is worse than mine. Papa Bear definitely has some kind of tic disorder, if not full-blown Tourette’s, and Red Riding Hood is too young to tell. We’ve also been investigating the diet/allergy/environment link to Tourette’s, and the link between this and ADD/ADHD. The results are fascinating and worth their own post (or series of posts).

My sister moved successfully into a wonderful new place with light, space, privacy, security and a garden. I am so happy and relieved!

School has been going well. It seems a little “light” to me, but maybe I’m just getting used to it? We now easily fit Maths, English, Art of some kind and Konos into a day. It worries me and makes me think I’m missing something. I should just learn to be grateful!

We had our second SCD birthday when Papa Bear turned 42. I made lasagne again, as well as cake with marshmallow frosting, nougat, and chocolate mousse. Everything was delicious and ready when he got home, and he said he felt thoroughly fêted even though we’re technically on diet. (Most of the recipe are on the Aunty Em’s blog).

SCD is going well but tough. We’ve seen huge improvements in most things, particularly digestion, alertness, energy, mood and concentration. However, we’ve been using nut flours and butters instead of grains, and as a result (I believe), Goldilocks’ tics are worse than ever (mine too, truth be told), and my skin is terrible. So we’re back to the beginning on Monday, which is a real drag because the intro diet is so boring and so labour intensive.

The Lows

As a result of SCD, Tourette’s and an interminable mountain of housework, my “work” work is suffering badly. I simply can’t fit it all in and since my family’s physical and emotional health is such a priority to me, that comes first. Apparently my brain has deemed our fiscal health less of a priority for some obscure reason, and my efforts at reprogramming it are in vain.

We’ve had some pretty bad news regarding work and finances on each of the last two Fridays, casting a nasty pall over the weekend and the future, and creating the opportunity to feel fearful and anxious.

I am blessed to serve a mighty and generous God who knows my needs and meets them.

Our first SCD birthday

This week, Goldilocks hit double digits! I can’t believe we now share a house with a TWEEN – and I really can’t believe that I’ve been a parent for so long. It’s been an amazing journey so far, and a wonderful privilege.

Her Ladyship had a whole day of activities planned. For one thing, she was very specific about the kinds of food we should have: fudge, birthday cake (WITH frosting!) and, of all things, lasagne. How could I achieve all of this on SCD? And would there ever be enough for all of us?

I was worried.

I had thought to use the food preparation part of the day as a substitute for school, since we would surely all be learning a lot from the process. However, this idea was thoroughly vetoed by Goldilocks, who was determined to wake up to a surprise birthday cake, as is our family tradition.

As a result, I was up till 2am making meringues, fudge, birthday cake (with frosting), and chocolate. On the day, I made cheese crackers and lasagne. All of it was a resounding success, with left overs to last nearly a week! We had such fun: playing scrabble and monopoly (I was thoroughly trounced in both!), then hosting an elaborate tea party for Grandpa, followed by delicious lasagne and The Hunchback of Notre Dame II.

Everyone was satisfied and, in fact, full for the first time since we started this nutritional adventure. And three days later, none of us has yet had an adverse reaction.

Recipes to follow.

What an amazing milestone, Goldilocks. I’m so proud of you!


I just stumbled across this site: http://listuniverse.wordpress.com/

I LOVE it! As a fanatical list-maker and avid reader-of-bullet-points I thought this was a great way to keep track of – well, everything. So I am going to start making lists today.

Here is my list of things I’m starting this week:

Now is the winter of our Discount Tent: why we need electric blankets.

Why we need electric blankets.

  1. I’m starting making lists on my blog.
  2. I’m starting to balance education better. (More on that later).
  3. I’m going to start to manage my time better. Right after this post.
  4. I’m starting to drink less coffee. As soon as I finish the bag of Starbucks Dark Roast Verona I just received as a gift and have nearly flattened.
  5. I’m starting an exercise regime. Seriously. Any day now.
  6. I’m starting the next unit in Konos.
  7. I’m starting to use my electric blanket.
  8. I’m starting to be more honest – with everybody, including myself.
  9. I’m starting to finish the things I start.
  10. I’m starting to get to bed early and get more rest.

That’s all I got. I’m starting all of these things. Any day now. I’m sure of it 🙂

Actually, today I’m starting to be the mother of a seven year old, since my six year old went and got BIG! *Sigh*. Firsts always come right after tear-jerking lasts.

My last day as the mother of a six year old was also the first time I ever piped icing onto a cake.

My last day as the mother of a six year old was also the first time I ever piped icing onto a cake.

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