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Detox Day 3: intermittent failure and a clear head

Coffee. Productivity in a cup. Well, mug. Well - pot, really.

Coffee. Productivity in a cup. Well, mug. Well – pot, really.

Let’s recap the detox: Day 3 started badly. We both ached from head to toe and sported pounding headaches, rank breath and scratchy throats. Our voices were croaky, and clean teeth and fresh water did little to improve matters.

Faced with a large, greasy breakfast, I felt ill and battled to finish it. In fact, I couldn’t, and gave my excess bacon to Goldilocks. Who even knew there was such a thing as excess bacon?? Staggering out of bed late, we were only eating breakfast by 8:30, and I doubt we even made it to 9AM before I caved and made us coffee. Bulletproof, of course.

Oh. My. Word. Sweet hot ambrosia that wipes away the pain and badness of – well, everything. I confess that I chased the first delicious cup with a second, and then everything was right with the world. Armed with confidence, energy and a clean(ish) intestine, the girls and I tackled the mammoth task of sorting out their rooms. Not only did we tidy them – we switched the beds from one to the other, and threw away an entire bin bag’s worth of debris! And it only took us three hours – unaided by male assistance, I hasten to add.

It was amazing.

Then I made lunch, went shopping, got some work done, and we spent some family time huddled around the TV, watching Chuck. As you do. Red Riding Hood has decided to become a spy. Obviously. I think the role would suit her. She can be enigmatic if she wants to. And black certainly looks great on her.

Work was so much easier, since I had a clear brain and could focus on what was most important, and what needed to be done next.

We had our customary, doctor approved cheat of tiny avos and small amounts of biltong in the mid afternoon, but by seven o’clock we’d caved utterly. I guess it’s my fault for making what is arguably the best ever crustless quiche. Or maybe just the best food starving people have ever tasted. And yes, I know. We were hardly starving. We were weak and yielded easily to the temptation of the overfed.

Sunday morning was a doddle. We woke up refreshed and energised, ready to tackle a caffeine-fueled day, and be awesome. A big breakfast (with coffee) was followed after Church by raw nut and dried fruit bars from DisChem. Lunch comprised absolutely amazing omelettes, stuffed with fied onions, sautéed mushrooms and delicious cheese. And supper was chicken stew cum bone broth and boiled / steamed veg.

All in all, it was delicious, and we certainly feel cleaner and more focused. Papa Bear can concentrate better than ever (except the last time he did SCD with us); his mood is better, and he’s lost 4kg! (I, on the other hand, lost nothing, and made no progress whatsoever towards sorting out my little problem. Which, frankly, is so disheartening that I’m thinking of seeing a doctor.)

Last night I sat and made a comprehensive list of what I need to achieve this month. It’s doable, and having it all laid out in front of me makes me feel confident that I can and will achieve it, and that it’s manageable, rather than overwhelming. Which is definitely what I felt before I did that.

I’ll write a separate post on the Elexoma.


I’m flattrd ;)

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could live in a world where we just get to blog about the stuff we love all day long, helping others along the way … and actually make ends meet doing that?

Flattr me: buy me a coffee (you know I need it ;))

Flattr me: buy me a coffee (you know I need it ;))

Well, the internet is a nifty ol’ place, full of grand schemes and interesting ideas. Flattr is one of these, and it lets people pay for stuff they like. If they want to. Or not. No pressure.

I just love that. So if you like what you see on this blog, why not buy me a coffee using Flattr? You know I could use the caffeine 😉

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Things I do to avoid earning money

I recently had another BFO (blinding flash of the obvious): making money is really easy and it’s a natural state of being for all of us. For some reason, I seem disinclined to actually do it, though.

Here are some of the things I do to PUT OFF making any real money:

  • Filing (I know!)
  • Making coffee
  • Drinking coffee
  • Inviting friends round for coffee
  • Going out for coffee
  • Grinding coffee (detecting a theme at all?)
  • Trying out coffee-toffee (yes. It’s good.)
  • Actually, this is really true. 3.2ish ... although I don't have a .2ish finger ...

    Actually, this is really true. 3.2ish … although I don’t have a .2ish finger …

    Washing dishes (seriously. I’m not even kidding)

  • Doing the laundry
  • Hanging out the laundry
  • Taking in the laundry
  • Folding the laundry
  • Watching Once Upon A Time with the kids while folding the laundry (see? Multi-tasker, me) (Ange, that hyphen is for you!)
  • Reading about social media marketing
  • Watching TED Talks and YouTube clips about social media marketing
  • Attending webinars about social media marketing
  • Reading about making money
  • Watching TED Talks and YouTube clips about making money
  • Attending webinars about making money (the last one is responsible for this particular BFO)
  • Drinking coffee
  • Reheating coffee that I forgot to drink (okay, that happened just the once)
  • Watching Chick Flicks to spare Papa Bear having to watch them with me
  • Watching Doctor Who
  • Watching Downton Abbey
  • Watching Modern Family (don’t judge)
  • Tidying my bedroom
  • Tidying the rest of my house
  • Rearranging my office
  • Sorting out my emails (over 2000 filed yesterday!)
  • Creating a spreadsheet to manage my email
  • Refining my timesheets
  • Skyping people
  • Updating my website
  • Updating my Google Plus page
  • Updating my LinkedIn profile
  • Creating business systems to make me more efficient
  • Emailing people I should be calling
  • Coffee problem? No problem. Just give me coffee.

    Coffee problem? No problem. Just give me coffee.

    Making breakfast

  • Making lunch
  • Making supper
  • Making snacks
  • … again
  • Making the world’s GREATEST toffee (today’s variety: banana. hmmmm)
  • Eating the world’s greatest toffee
  • Blogging about eating the world’s greatest toffee
  • Blogging generally
  • Having blinding flashes of the obvious
  • Checking Facebook
  • Washing it all down with …. wait for it …. coffee

And there’s a whole tonne of stuff not even on there because, let’s be honest, you stopped reading twenty items ago!

Why don’t I just turn off the ADD faucet, sit down, and WORK for a change??

Well, today’s the day, chaps. I have set myself a target to bill each day, and I may not do ANY of the things on this list until it’s done.

Wish me luck!!!

Back on track.

Apparently it takes hitting the bottom to get back up again. My skin is bad, with a couple of unsightly cysts and outbreaks. I’m unreasonably tired, my hair is dry and falling out, and I smell … hmmm … unattractive. I have little motivation to work or do house work, or even home school – all essential aspects of our lives. Seriously vital: without me doing these things our little family ceases to function. It’s better than it was at the beginning of the year, when I couldn’t motivate myself at all. I have started supplementing again, and cut back a little on sugars.

Since the begining of the year, I’ve eaten chocolate (lots!), and had red wine (just a few small glasses). I’ve eaten starches and not exercised since Christmas, when I pretty mush reset all the good work I’d done until then.

Miraculously, I weigh only 59kg, which I attribute entirely to the wonderful GR2 weight management programme.

In fact, despite a lack of motivation, I have been working – very hard. With an average of 5 hours’ sleep each night, I know that without the great supplementation I get from GNLD, I would be very sick indeed. Right now, I’m taking Beta Guard (good for detoxing), Acidophilus, Salmon Oil Plus Omega 3, Tre En En, Carotenoid Complex, Stage 6 (assists with elimination, if you follow my meaning), and Vitamin C. Considering the amount of work, lack of sleep and very hot February weather, I have more energy than one would expect, and I’m very grateful to Tre En En for that.

Peanut Butter. In chocolate. Evil. Delicious.

Peanut Butter. In chocolate. Evil. Delicious.

So today is Day 1. I’ve tried to start again a few times this year, but the headaches have held me back from completing the programme. I started with vitamins, and about an hour later I had a small bowl of sunflower seeds. Two hours after that was a light snack of popped brown rice (sort of like organic Rice Crispies but lower GI).

Lunch was a small portion of ground beef with onions and garlic, two rice cakes and a green salad. More green salad for dinner.

Sadly, I’ve had both a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup AND a cup of (utterly delicious) coffee. So here’s my plan: tonight DH and I can finish the brewed coffee and all the chocolate and halva in the house. Tomorrow we’ll start for real, and this time stick to it.

Thumbs held!

How I’m doing it.

I must admit that I’m not following the Candida Diet to the letter. I was, but I felt so terrible that I knew changes were necessary. For starters, I switched on day 3 from the broth version of the diet to the green salad and veggies version. Much better. I also allow myself brown rice to help slow down the Candida die off and manage blood sugar.

GNLD. Supplements for LIFE.

GNLD. Supplements for LIFE.

Instead of whole garlic, I’m taking GNLD’s Garlic Allium Complex. Instead of psyllium husk and bentonite clay, I’m taking GNLD’s GR2 Programme Appetite Reducer, a very gentle yet effective fibre source, and I use Stage 6 to help with elminiation. This is great for getting and staying regular, and taking the “gunk” out of your system. I use GNLD’s Carotenoid Complex (great for immunity), Tre En En (AWESOME for energy) and Omega 3. I’ve been taking a lot of high potency Vitamin C, as well, which also boosts immunity and helps with skin conditions. I’m taking Vitamin B for stress, and it’s the one Vitamin B people on a Candida diet can take safely. Last but very far from least, I’m having a lot of Acidophilus Plus. Awesome for gut health.

For food, I’ve pretty much been sticking to spinach, courgettes, celery and sunflower seeds.

Every morning I do Pilates with my girls, which is doing wonders for my back, joints, and flat abs. This week I started Body for Life as well. I feel a little bit of new-workout-routine tenderness, but nothing seriousness.

This week I have also reintroduced coffee, which is ill-advised (apparently), but very very nice.

It’s been four weeks, and I feel great. I’ve gone from 68kg to 62kg, and my stomach is really flat now. I have energy, my joints are less painful (significantly less).  Christmas is looming and I hope I can stay strong, but I think it should be okay.

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