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Speed is relative … so I’m ALWAYS moving!

As you know, being physically active is a key success factor in living a happy, healthy, long life. It’s the ideal solution to depression, immunity issues and fighting the slew of lifestyle diseases we face.

It’s also hard to fit into a busy schedule!

Thankfully, those clever fellas at TED have provided the perfect solution. For school yesterday we watched this clever video, which explains it all. What I gleaned from it is this wisdom: the earth is moving at 19 miles per hoour relative to the sun, and depending where you’re sitting on the planet surface, you’re moving at up to 100 miles per hour relative to the earth’s surface.

So in other words, even sitting dead “still”, I’m hurtling through space at light speed. Excellent! That’s definitely enough physical activity for me!


By the bootstraps

Alright. Today’s the day. I have decided to be well, as of now. I made lists and asked pointed questions and devised schemes, and I think I have a solution. Even if what I think will work turns out to be wrong, at least I am doing something, on the pathway to getting it right.

And that’s good.

My first question was:

What five things about my life right now do I wish were different?

  1. I wish that, every month, we had enough. I wish I never had to lose another moment of sleep or joy worrying about whether there is enough in the fridge for my family for the day, or enough in the bank account for the rent and bills. (Don’t we all?)
  2. I wish my kids could get all the input and stimulation they need: music lessons, art lessons, dance classes and horse riding and swimming. Or even just one of these.
  3. I wish I spent more time with the girls.
  4. I wish we had insurance.
  5. I wish I was happy.

So, I can start with number five and just be happy. I know it’s not as easy as all that. But I also know that it is. I know I can pull up my boots, focus on my faith, count my blessings and choose joy. So I choose joy.

Just for today.

Tomorrow can take care of itself.

I have enough food to feed my family and myself. We all have warm, comfy clothes on, and the clothes are clean. And they (kinda) fit. I have the sound roof of a lovely home over my head. I have a computer with internet access. I even have coffee. Just for today, I have enough.

Tomorrow I will think about what I have then. And it will probably be at least as good.

I choose joy


  1. Thank God for my blessings
  2. Make a realistic To Do list and accomplish at lest five things on it.


A Happiness Perspective

In this pursuit of happiness we call life, there are those (myself among them) who would argue that the absence of stress and sickness is not the same as happiness. Well, yes. But being sick and stressed does make being happy something of a challenge. Most would agree that not being stressed and sick is a good to start towards being happy.

But are they right?

Are we stressed out and miserable because we face so much stress and fear, and get so little sleep? Or are we stressed out and miserable because we believe ourselves to be so? Regardless of what you believe about the millennia that have led to the point we now inhabit in time and space today, the fact is that stress has always been a feature of our lives. So why has it only started killing us now?

Health professionals, particularly those focusing on mental and psychological health, are starting to share research data that speculates that a large part of the danger in both stress and insomnia is our perception of the inherent danger in both stress and insomnia. Did you get that? It’s so bad for us … because we think it’s so bad for us.

That is the theory behind Kelli McGonigal’s much-watched TED Talk, titled “Making Stress Your Friend”:

It is also the theory shared in this fascinating report on just how much sleep we actually need. Research shows that “a healthy eight-hour sleep” is a mythological theory with little supporting evidence. It’s hard to see where such theories developed, but the pervasiveness of our belief in the truth of this theory means that when we don’t get our eight hours – whether we work late, wake up early, or find our sleep interrupted in the middle of the night – we believe the effects will be bad … so they are.

In other words, whether we think stress and sleep deprivation are bad for us or not, we’re right. It’s what we think that makes us ill.

Corruptible Bodies

My body has let me down. I am disappointed as I reluctantly face the truth that I am not, in fact, invincible. Truth be told, I have let my body down. Rather than treating it as the temple of the most high God, and working to make it healthy and hospitable and useful for as long as possible, I have abused it and taken advantage of it’s meagre resources for selfish ends. Between teenage anorexia, early onset stress and what I now recognise to be both work and coffee addictions, my body has drawn a line in the sand and refused to take another step. I recently wrote about being so tired that I needed to take step back and re-evaluate things. Now, at last, I have received professional medical help.

It is a comfort to have a professional, “official” diagnosis. The words don’t change the thing, but they do acknowledge the realness of the thing, and make me feel less alone and less adrift.

The words that make the thing a thing are severe adrenal fatigue and fibromyalgia. In other words: I am tired all the time, and I hurt all over.

The thing with these syndromes is that they kind of creep up on you, so that at first you barely realise anything is happening at all. You’re just having an “off day”. By the time something is worth reporting to a professional, you’re so used to the body-wide pain and fatigue that it’s indistinguishable from all of the rest of you. Don’t we all feel like this in our thirties? Is this not normal, then?

Apparently not.

So what I have now, besides a name to hang on the door of the box all my symptoms fit into, is a Plan. A planny plan. It involves diet modifications, supplements and exercise. And it involves rest. I will explain it in more detail in future posts. I also have a long list of symptoms, but these, too, can wait for future posts.

For now, it’s just nice to know that I am exhausted to the point of virtual catatonia, and that I am allowed to slow down.

In recent days, every time I open my Bible, read any scriptures online, or hear any sermons preached, they seem to keep coming back to 1 Corinthians 15. Today, when it happened again, I wondered what message I was missing. All of a sudden, it hit me, and a wave of divine grace and comfort washed over me as I understood the words properly, and in a very personal way, for the first time. The passage reads:

“The body is sown in corruption, it is raised in incorruption. It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory. It is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body. There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body…And as we have borne the image of the man of dust, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly Man…So when this corruptible has put on incorruption, and this mortal has put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written: “Death is swallowed up in victory.”

What a comfort it is to me to be able to look forward to a time when I will no longer be shackled by allergies, my skin will no longer burn when I touch – well, anything, I will be able to breathe, and run, and rest, and be whole. Even though I haven’t taken care of the body I have as I ought to have done, I can start doing so now, and I can take comfort that something far better awaits.


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