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August has been a very busy month. In fact, as you may have noticed, I have hardly posted since I went for my interview at Higbury. Bad blogger! SO much has happened since then that I hardly know where to start.

First of all – my sister got a new job! (Remember how I said she needed one?) I am SO excited because:

a) It’s in publishing – her real, true passion;

b) It’s down the road from her house so she can easily walk to work if she wants to (which she loves to do);

c) It has HUMAN working hours so she can actually have a life – yay!; and

d) The take home pay is roughly DOUBLE her previous salary – awesome, right!?

But the main reason I’m excited is that I found it, sent the CV, took her to the interview and all-round got her the job. That’s gotta be worth some big sister points, surely?

Another thing that happened is that I got my second GNLD cheque. Go me! And I now have 2 distributors in my team (one is my aforementioned sister).

I have a new retainer client and a steadily-growing stream of ad hoc work.

And then the Big News. We started home schooling the girls. Actually I need a whole post about that on it’s own … perhaps tomorrow.

And finally, today I heard, at last, that I got the job from Highbury. *Sigh*. I can’t take it. Besides the fact that I’d have to be there by 7:20 every day, and I can only drop my kids off at school at 7:15 (I’d never make it there in 5 mins in rush hour traffic, and if DH dropped me off, the girls would be late for school each day), the gross salary is less than what I currently net. And if I can’t make ends meet on this, I definitely couldn’t make ends meet on less, even if it IS more stable.

Plus, I want to focus on GNLD, and that job leaves no time for that.

Plus plus, I’m homeschooling my kids now. Did I mention?


Decisions decisions.

Wow. These past few months have been … interesting. Clearly some Irish pixie has cursed our family! Since last posting about what to do next, the question’s kinda been taken out of my hands. I’ve had a couple of people ask me to take over their online marketing, not least of whom my wonderful aunt, Noela. Have a look at what I’ve made for her here: wecreatesuccess.

It’s been SO much fun, and I’m now a proud GNLD distributor, too. In fact, this month I’ve qualified as a Manager, and received my first bonus cheque – a little over R200. It’s not a lot but it’s more than I had before I did GNLD, so that’s awesome.

And remember when I said we were all sick? Well, we’re all better now! It only took a week on the amazing Vitamin C and Tre En En, and I have more energy than ever. My days as a red bull junkie are behind me!

Since June I’ve had a surprising number of job offers, although the salaries have been too low to accept. I know it sounds strange but I am earning more from my freelance work at the moment and it doesn’t make sense to give up flexibility and jeopardise our meager transport by taking a job that won’t pay as much as I usually earn now and definitely won’t pay the bills in full. The problem with a full-time job is that there’s very little space for freelance work and the natural result of that is that there is no way to earn extra dosh, and in that way pay bills.

Besides, I’m gonna be a big wig in GNLD and I want to focus my energy on that.

Having said that, I have just redone my CV and I must admit that I’m thoroughly chuffed with it. What do you think?

Vanessa Davies CV July 2011

Vanessa Davies CV July 2011 - click for a larger version

It got me an interview for an awesome-sounding marketing position at Highbury (and I’m itching to get my hands on their website!) so that’s very  exciting. Let’s see what happens.

(By the way, happy birthday Mama)

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