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Little Magicians

I was so proud of my little darlings on Friday night. After we’d finished the maths and language part of the day, we worked out a script for a mini magic show, They spent the rest of the day preparing it, getting their props together and rehearsing. That evening we went to our Pastor’s home for dinner, and the girls delighted us with their magic show, which not only showed what they’d learned and gave them an opportunity to practice public speaking, it also turned into a semi-salvation message as they explained the danger of deception and how to protect yourself from being deceived (by knowing the truth).

They did such a great job, and I was really proud of them for their courage and commitment. They stuck to it, learnt their words, and performed with only minor hiccoughs (which they overcame beautifully).


It’s a kind of magic

In the Konos unit on trust, we look at optical illusions and so-called “magic” tricks (basically: really FUN science). The children make cloaks, wands and a stage, and performing a magic show using the tricks they’ve learned. This teaches them crafts and science and public speaking. The idea is to illustrate how simple deception can be to achieve, and then to contrast that to the Truth, and how knowing Truth protects us from deception.

The course material refers to some great looking books on the topic, but being a penny-pinching nethound, I decided to look online for ideas. About.com has some great step-by-step guides, which I made into a booklet for my family. We’ve printed it out, and now it’s DH’s turn to spend some time with the girls, explaining each step, the principles behind each trick, and helping them to master it.

We’ve decided to include the magic show in our Grandparents’ Day at the end of the year (date to be advised). On that day, we’ll also present the girls with awards for progress through the year, and lay on a special tea for Grannies and Grandpas, all made and served by the DDs. We’ll display their work, do the magic show, and perhaps incorporate another performance of some kind. I’m really looking forward to it, as I know it’ll be a wonderful treat for the entire family. (And of course all available Aunts and Uncles are invited and expected, too).

If you’d like to download that book of tricks for personal use, click here: 18 Fun, Easy Magic Tricks.

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