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Lesson #2: One thing at a time (ctd).

When I posted yesterday’s post about doing one thing at a time, I went off on a tangent and completely lost the focus and point of the post. Let me back track a little and explain where I should have been headed with that.

There is SO much I want to do in life. By my calculations I’m between a third of the way and half way through this mortal coil, and I have accomplished less than that percentage of what I had set out to do at the start (when I became self-aware). I want to learn to play guitar (and piano, ‘cello and violin). I want to learn to speak Zulu fluently – not to mention Spanish, Italian and French. I want to be able to bake anything, draw perfectly, paint like a Renaissance Master, and dance. I want to plant a garden that survives my efforts, have a thriving vegetable and herb patch (that sustains us), build a fish pond and give the girls horse-riding lessons. I want to travel the world. I want to knit toys and blankets and clothes, learn to crochet, and make gifts with that skill. I want to write a book. (Well, books, plural). I want to … well, you get the drift. There’s a LOT I want to do, and in between all of that my deepest desire is to be doing full-time missions work in some remote location (that miraculously has both electricity and internet!). It’s not even that I’m an overachieving perfectionist. It’s just that those things all sound so cool, and we only have a short time here, so why not make the most of it, right?

What invariably happens is that I become so overwhelmed with the range of options and the complete lack of a starting point that I sit in mute horror staring at the whizzing-by-ness of my life, not doing anything at all. In other words, I don’t accomplish a single thing on my list, which is worse than only accomplishing some of it.

That’s what led me to the one-thing-at-a-time philosophy. I have picked a few key things, and I am starting with those. So this week, DD#1 will start learning to write letters. DD#2 will gain a little inner peace when she worries about the Lost. I will start to learn to draw butterflies. And we have all started learning Zulu. We can now say:

  • Sawubona (Hello).
  • Unjani? (How are you?)
  • Ngiyabonga. (Fine thank you).
  • Ngubani igama lakho? (What is your name?)
  • Igama lami ngu [Name]. (My name is [Name]).
  • Sala kahle. (Go well/goodbye).
  • Hamba kahle. (Stay well/goodbye).
It’s not much and it’s far from perfect but it’s a start, and that is the key thing. It is a lot more Zulu than we could speak a week ago.

New day, new week … new distractions

Happy Easter, everyone! This year, more than ever before, I was filled with the joy of the Lord and the anticipation and excitement of being in His house, with His people, on the day when we remember and honour His greatest sacrifice, and greatest victory! We had a fantastic weekend. Starting with a Good Friday picnic and hike at Cumberland Nature Reserve, we spent Saturday relaxing (mostly), and then spent Sunday at Church, where we followed a great service with a delicious (and baptistically over-catered tea).

From there we headed to Granny’s House, where the Easter Bunny had outdone himself (well, herself), with this year’s map and treasures. The afternoon was spent relaxing together, and on Monday we had brunch with friends. It was a wonderful weekend, all in all. I didn’t do one stitch of actual work, including any kind of education for my girls.

Unfortunately, I did have a lot to do.

Last night I made a very reasonable and achievable weekly planner, which includes enough sleep (!). I was excited about it this morning and frustrated to have overslept by an hour and a half! (Stupid Chuck keeping me up all night :)). That meant that I started work a little late (only an hour; I’d managed to catch up). However, I’ve recently started an “educate myself into ministry” programme which basically involves reading 100 appropriate books on the subject until I am officially ready to serve. This has proven to be fascinating and very gripping, so a lot of other stuff has fallen by the wayside. It’s good, though. Today I started book 2, and almost immediately the theology sounded suspect. I don’t have time to waste on irrelevant stuff I won’t use (and I’m easily led so I could be led astray), so I decided to research the author. That led to research of the other authors and in the end I spent nearly three hours online, NOT earning any money (or meeting any deadlines, I might add).

In the end I have to turf out about 10 books but I got another 30-odd books for free – and they’re goooood. So that worked out okay. But now I have two hours of work time left, the planned art lesson is on the shelf, and all I want to do is bake stuff. Not the vaguest inclination to code a single line or create the faintest vector. *Sigh* – the trouble with days that start out well is that they continue that way … and it’s not always a good thing.

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