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Operation: GET SORTED!

Operation: GET SORTED is well under way - and delivering results!

Operation: GET SORTED is well under way – and delivering results!

I am a creature of habit. I crave order, discipline, checklists. I LOVE to be organised.

However, I don’t often achieve this. When I am extremely busy or feeling terribly indulgent, I let things slide. Perhaps the girls have been extra cute and very good, so I “go easy” on them tidying up. Or I have a million deadlines screaming at me all at once, and I’m just happy to be left alone to get on with it. On those days, I don’t care about how neat the house is as long as no one’s breaking their neck tripping over toys! (We’ve had some close shaves).

The problem with “going easy” is that I can’t operate in chaos. As my environment gets progressively less organised, I get progressively less productive – and so does everyone else. Eventually, I snap. and nothing gets done at all. I stare at the walls in panic, exuding the faint, glowingly peaceful hum of one who has passed through hysteria and is travelling the calm, terrifying waters on the far side.

If I have a PLAN, though, then I can cope. And until now, I had no plan. I didn’t know what to do next, nor had I any idea how to do it. I couldn’t picture how to fix my mess. Where should stuff go? Where should I start? How should everything be organised?

Some time ago I shared a link with a friend of mine who is just embarking on her very own home education journey. I liked the ideas and principles on this site, but there’s a lot to read there, so I’d never taken it further. Besides, I rationalised, I have a system – one that I paid for. That must, surely, make it better. Right?

Now don’t get me wrong. I like what we have and it has worked so far. But not well enough. As long as I feel adrift in panic, the system isn’t working for us. It was time for a change.

And that’s why, as of next week, we’re switching to pure Charlotte Mason teaching, using Ambleside Online as our reference point.

Clearly, making this decision was the catalyst I needed. Since then, we have become more neat and organised than ever! I have completely sorted all but the office and garage (aka well of lost plots and disaster centre of the known universe). I’ll do those two on the weekend (if I can restrain myself!). I have also vowed that we will all stay this tidy FOREVER. I realise how optimistic and unrealistic that sounds, but I think everyone can see a benefit this time, because we have so much more structure, because they all helped get us to this wonderful, uncluttered place, and because I have promised to throw away anything that I find out of place!

It feels so good to have an ordered space, and a way forward.

I’ll keep you posted.


Getting our act together

The more we learn about possible alternative therapies for Tourette Syndrome in the incredibly informative book Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourette’s, the more we learn about life in general. I am ashamed to say that until now I really haven’t been that committed to ensuring that my family gets organic, non-pesticided food. And even though we have been blessed through GNLD to have a range of home care products that contain only eco-friendly and human-safe products, that was almost a lucky accident rather than a specific design.

However, this book is an adventure and I am learning a lot. I’ve been amazed at how perfectly the recommended diet challenges for identifying and eliminating Tourette’s triggers tie in with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD), so that I don’t have to double up on that process. God is so good, and so perfect in His inconceivable timing.

Another important part of trying to identify, manage and eliminate triggers is an environmental investigation: testing and eliminating triggers in the form of dust, chemicals, mould, solvents and so forth. We’ve switched to pure glycerine soap, home-made shampoo and conditioner (which I will review after I’ve had more time to experiment), and the world’s most amazing Olive Base Cream from Windrose. Oooohhhhh …. heavenly. I must admit that I have been surprised and pleased to see a mild reduction in my own tics, and also those of my family. Of course that may have something to do with having reintroduced Omega 3’s today, as we are at that stage of our diet journey and ready to challenge. So far? Excellent results. Noticeably reduced tics.

The Organized Heart

A heart for God is a heart in order.

An important part of this environmental elimination plan is to sort out our home. We periodically do what I refer to as a Major Cleanup. (Sometimes I even salute). When we do, we throw out  a LOT of junk, and I think the time might be upon us to do the same again. This time, however, we have to declare war on dust, mould and clutter. Interestingly, just today I have received a slew of emails, articles and blog posts centering on being organised and getting organised – all without me actually opening a search engine! The most recent one was one of my favourites, and prompted this post.

Domestic Kingdom is a wonderful blog that I often head back to for practical advice and support. Today the blog announced a big GIVEAWAY, and I am so excited about the prize. It’s an e-book called The Organized Heart and I hope-hope-hope I win! I could totally use that book, and the timing is too amazing for words. So head on over to the site and add a comment to enter the draw for yourself. But if you win, you gotta send it to me! 😀

Happy tidying.

Good things

One good thing (one of many) that has come from home school is that we are now SUPER organised. I’m not kidding. Everything we own has a Place, and is in its Place. The Places where things go are written in a book and one day (when I have time!) I’ll capture that book into a spreadsheet so that it can sorted by Item Name or Place. For ease of reference. Everyone has been threatened with sudden, instant and even immediate death if they violate the Rule of The Place. And so far no one has expired, which is always a Good Thing.

I wonder how long it will last.

Next up: implementing the Law of the DVDs.

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