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Being jealous of talents that are actually skills is a great way to let yourself off the hook and make yourself miserable at the same time. – Seth Godin

A talent is nothing you’ve earned.

Like great looks and skin colour, it is usually true that the things we are born able to do are accidents of nature, gifts, if you like – but only inasmuch as we have done and can do nothing to earn them.

You wouldn't boast abouot your naturally curl hair, would you?You wouldn’t boast about your naturally curl hair, would you?

Or your dad’s accent, perhaps … ?

The things that come with the package are simply the starting point. It’s what we do with those things that really counts.

When you take what you’ve been given and build on it, when you work to create something from what you’ve been given, or put effort into improving an area where you may have been weak to begin with, that’s worth celebrating. That’s even, dare I say it, worth boasting about.

Because you’ve earned it.

The rest is just a foundation for your potential. Don’t get stuck at ground level.


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