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Of lies and truths and fairy tales

Honesty is the key to successI recently discussed the value and importance of integrity in dealing with our children. Well, this week we were addressing how to take the moral high road when dealing with other children in situations that seem to us to be unfair. Myu poor darlings, terrified of some fiery, dragonish retort at what an adult might perceive to be childish pettiness, were reluctant to volunteer their ideas on ways to turn the situation around and treat everyone fairly. I encouraged them to be honest and promised to listen to their concerns impartially.

It worked extremely well. They opened up and shared their fears and concerns, as well as some really good ideas for working together in harmony. We laughed and joked and connected. I was delighted.

Of course, my children will never cease to catch me off guard. Once we’d addressed the issues at hand, Goldilocks looked at me very seriously and said, “Mom, please can the same apply to you.”

I was confused. By this stage, we’d moved far from the topic of open sharing, and I didn’t know what the “same” thing was that was supposed to apply to me.

“Honesty,” she answered simply.

“I’m always honest with you! I make an effort to be as open and clear on every subject – as far as is appropriate.”

She looked at me with scathing cynicism, and uttered a single word: “Fairies?”


So I came clean. I explained my views (which took some time) and encouraged them to develop a rich imagination while still understanding the line between fantasy and reality. And I admonished them sternly NOT to tell DeeDee and Dexter – or anyone else their age!

Much later I realised the value of having cleared all that up. “Girls,” I called. “Now that you know the truth, do I still have to give you money when you lose your teeth?”

“Of course not,” they sang out sweetly in chorus.

Then Red Riding Hood, with her piercing (and domestic-focused) mind, asked, “Mom, what do you do with the teeth when you take them out from under the pillow?” (There was a horror-laden pause as she weighed the options). “Do you – *gasp* – throw them away?”

“Well …” I began.

“Yes, you do,” she said pragmatically. “‘Cos otherwise that’d just be GRIM.”

Don't lie to your kids.

Don’t lie to your kids.


Adventures in Make-Believe

In our house, we believe in Santa Claus. There’s an Easter Bunny (who can only deliver eggs to Granny’s House, because of our dogs). There are pixies and gnomes and, most importantly, there’s a Tooth Fairy. Some of my fellow family-of-faith members don’t think it’s right to encourage this kind of make-believe, and their arguments are valid and hold weight. However, I love fantasy and I love imagination, and I’ll encourage the girls to believe for as long as I can. It worked for me, after all!

having said that, there should be a pre-defined amount prescribed for Tooth Loot, and it should be written into law that no one, under any circumstances, can allow the Tooth Fairy in their home to leave more than the specified amount. Perhaps this amount can be review annually, and adjusted for inflation.

This week, young Red lost her very first tooth. It’s a great and momentous occasion for her and she feels very grown up indeed. It happened in the car on the way to Granny’s House, so when we arrived at our destination I put the treasure away safely in the cubby hole.

Big Sister asked, “Mom, shouldn’t we put it somewhere where it’s easy for the Tooth Fairy to find it?”. I replied, “yes, of course, Love. Under your sister’s pillow tonight when she goes to bed.” Exasperated, Goldilocks said, “No, Mom. I mean somewhere HERE. The Tooth Fairy for Granny’s Neighbourhood is MUCH richer than our Tooth Fairy!”

Grandparents were delighted by  the story but the tooth still came home, safely tucked under her pillow, awaiting the generosity of said Fantastical Personage.

But, calamity of calamities, that useless nymph never made an appearance! She utterly failed to remember to replace the tooth with any kind of financial reward – any reward at all! Red Riding Hood was terribly disappointed to find her tooth still safely ensconced in its pretty red satin bag, utterly unmolested by beings of any kind – fay or otherwise. Goldilocks swooped in to the rescue, explaining that the Tooth Fairy was probably very busy catching up after Monday’s public holiday, and would no doubt leave a double reward the next night.


Once again, that forgetful fairy failed to make an appearance. Stomping through in indignation, the disappointed Red announced this morning that the Fairy would have to make up for this sever oversight with a substantial cash pay out.

I finally had a word with the amnesiac sprite and explained that a note of apology was required.

Once the note had been written (on the computer, to disguise my handwriting. I swear they’re onto me!), I printed it out and decided to lend a little authenticity by burning the edges. Ahem. Unfortunately I set the whole sheet of paper alight and had to douse it in the bathroom basin! Round two was more successful but still nearly resulted in the arsonic destruction of half of my bedroom. My assistant sat and chuckled to herself as I tried to hide the evidence without destroying my house.

In the mean time, in an attempt to placate the absent elf, the girls decided the tooth needed a good cleaning, including a stint in the freezer to kill the germs. It has now been hidden in a clear plastic box, from which I liberated it and replaced it with the treasure and the apology. Fingers crossed they’ll fall for it!

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