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Our very own Cold War (had me in stitches).

One of the things I LOVE about the way my life works right now is that I get to sit at my computer, working (for the most part), and eavesdropping on my little angels. Although perhaps today that’s not the right term for them. They’re playing a very complex game that involves them being witches. And I’ve learnt something I never knew before: Witches speak with Russian accents!

DD1: “Who vantz de cockrroach? De CockROACH!? De COCKROACH!!”
DD2: “No! It’s time for ze pizza. Vurrrm pizza.” (that’s WORM, not warm).

As if that wasn’t funny enough, a little later the witches were evangelised by a passing missionary unicorn or some such, They each prayed a prayer of salvation (in fluent Russian accents) and then, lo and behold, began speaking in perfect American!

It was hard keeping the giggles in on that one!


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